Tax relief

Government bonus


HMRC allows two main tax arrangements for contributing to a workplace pension scheme, Net Pay Arrangement [NPA] and Relief At Source [RAS]. With the SuperTrust you can set up your workplace pension using either method.

Low fund charges

Value for members


There are a range of services that are necessary to deliver a workplace pension. In addition to investment management costs, by law the costs for these services, taken from members’ accounts, are normally capped at 0.75% p.a. for auto enrolled members. The charges are met by the fund manager by applying a 0.75% p.a. deduction when calculating each member’s account value.

Master Trust Assurance Framework

Adhering to the highest standards


Supertrust UK Master Trust has achieved accreditation under the Master Trust Assurance Framework.

The assurance reporting framework was developed by the Chartered Institute of Accountants in England and Wales, with assistance from the Pensions Regulator. Also known as ICAEW AAF 02/07, the framework attempts to set minimum standards that multi-employer trust pension providers must adhere to.

Scheme governance

Safe-guarding your pension


The SuperTrust UK Master Trust is regulated by the Pensions Regulator and HMRC for its provision of workplace pension schemes. The scheme is governed by three corporate trustees who ensure that the Scheme meets the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and that the administration and investment management of the scheme is in the best interest of members.


The SuperTrust platform employs the latest technology giving access to data in real time for employers and members. The scheme has straight through processing with the investment manager Margetts Fund Management (FCA No 4158249).

Our Pension

Easy to manage pensions that make sense now and for the future

Information provided on the site is merely guidance that may change in line with UK law and regulations. Users must not consider this to be financial advice or their sole resource when making any financial decision. SuperTrust UK Master Trust is regulated by the Pensions Regulator (PSR Number: 10274116) as a provider of workplace pension schemes. All investments of the pension scheme are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The trustees understand that based on correspondence with the FCA, scheme members have access to compensation under the rules of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the event of the insolvency or default by our investment providers.

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