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Integration with payroll software providers

Key Features

Employer Payroll Interface


An employer's enrolment duties, and the means by which they are accomplished are daunting.  To simplify engagement the Employer Pension Interface includes the flexibility to support the following levels of integration:


  • Accept pre-calculated contributions
  • Accept pre-calculated contributions with AE states to generate statutory communications


During the ‘Onboarding’ process, we work with the employer and/or their payroll agent to determine their needs, pointing them to the appropriate solution.


Specifications available to the employer


Based on the employer’s requirements, we offer the following data formats for upload payroll to the system:


  • Bespoke SuperTrust Template
  • Pension and Payroll Data Interface Standard (Version 1.0) – download PAPDIS PDF


Formats for passing data


  • Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • Extensible mark-up language (XML)



For access to our API documentation contact us at devsupport@supertrust.co.uk


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