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Agent Dashboard and Bulk Payroll Upload


For accountants and payroll bureaus with multiple clients using the SuperTrust, we offer an agent dashboard to administer all their clients within a single account. This Agent Account allows multiple employers to be uploaded in batch within a single consolidated CSV file.



Auto Enrolment Communications


From the assessment information held within your payroll file we generate statutory auto enrolment communications for your employees. These can be emailed or downloads as individual or consolidated PDFs. Postal Communications are available upon request.



Matching Pensions to Payroll


Our Payroll Interfaces were built by accountants and payroll professionals, so all our submission deadlines and processes match existing PAYE processes, familiar to those operating payroll.



Pension API



Depending on the capabilities of your payroll software, you can submit payroll and pension data to SuperTrust using our e-submission API. This allows employers to submit data directly from their payroll software matching the process and timings of HMRC’s Real Time Information.


Employer Portal

Where you take control of your pension

Infrastructure to support Large Employers


Whilst being a perfect solutions for SMEs, our Employer Portals is also built to handle larger organistaions. This includes multiple location reporting and direct debit mandate referencing to support organisations with complex cost centre requirements.

Update Personal Details


Most employee details come from the employers payroll uploads, but we ask members to update these details to make sure they are up to date.


Your Beneficiaries


In the unfortunate event of a deceased member, SuperTrust can determine where to pay the benefits from our online Expression of Wish.


Investment Options


After being automatically enrolled into the Default investment (0.75% AMC). After logging into their member portal, they can alter these investment based on attitude to risk or even ethical and/or religious preferences.


Contributions, Transfers, Investments & Valuations


Members can view their contributions uploaded via payroll, the date these were paid by their employer, as well as those subsequently invested.


The value of a members pension pot is displayed on a daily basis and updated against our ‘real-time’ performance charts.



Member Portal

Mobile Ready

Our technology infrastructure


Our team focuses on building robust technology for the future, keeping costs lows and quality high.


Payroll Software

(Employer / Bureau)






FCA Regulated

Fund Managers






Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard



Information provided on the site is merely guidance that may change in line with UK law and regulations. Users must not consider this to be financial advice or their sole resource when making any financial decision. SuperTrust UK Master Trust is regulated by the Pensions Regulator (PSR Number: 10274116) as a provider of workplace pension schemes. All investments of the pension scheme are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The trustees understand that based on correspondence with the FCA, scheme members have access to compensation under the rules of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the event of the insolvency or default by our investment providers.

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